Soil water potential sensor Delmhorst GB1/GB2

Product Group: Sensors
Delmhorst gypsum block sensor G B 1  2
  • soil water potential probe
  • made of gypsum cast around 2 concentric stainless steel electrodes
  • resistance output
  • simple and quick field replacement of the weathered sensor
  • manufactured by Delmhorst Instrument
  • compatible with EMS dataloggers and accessories


Output resistance
Soil water potential −0.1 to −15 bar
Protection rating IP67
Standard cable length 1.8 m; 7.6 m
Operating environment temperature  –40 to 60 °C
Operating environment humidity 0 to 100%

Gypsum block sensor

Minikin S P 1 Delmhorst gypsum block sensor
  • made of gypsum cast around two concentric electrodes
  • absorbs or releases moisture from the soil, until its moisture content approaches equilibrium with the moisture content of the soil
  • ideal for irrigation purposes – measurement reflect how much of the water is available to plants, and not only volumetric water content

Quick coupler connector

Gypsum block sensor G B 1 quick coupler connector  2
  • simple and quick field replacement of the weathered gypsum block sensor
  • no interruption of measurement due to service – replace and measure

Delmhorst conversion graph

Meter Readings


documentdocument 2 Datasheet
documentdocument 2 Sensor replace manual