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Scientific grade solutions for environmental measurements

Key products manufactured by EMS Brno:

Sap Flow
Sap flow
Our manufactured systems are based on heat balance method with variable power and constant dT. We offer two different systems: for small diameters (8 to 20 mm) and for large trees with stem diameter over 12 cm.

Sensors for long term accurate monitoring of the tree trunk diameter changes in stems.

Smart Sensor
Smart sensors and standart measuring sets
Sensors designed for independent measurement and data logging at remote locations. The sensors and datalogger form a single unit that is suitable for measurements in harsh environments.

meteostation rapeseed
Meteorological stations and large monitoring systems
Customized systems for meteorological measurements – systems are mostly powered from solar panels and usually contain the modem for on-line sending data to Internet. Typical products are meteorological stations, soil systems, profile towers etc.

Graphically oriented software for datalogger maintenance, data downloading and processing. Designed for fast and comfortable visualization of long time series with wide range of data processing options.

Environments covered by our products:


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