Modular stations

  • multi-purpose almost maintenance-free stations
  • modular concept based on the mounting of different crossarm-sensor kits
  • data stored and visualized in EMScloud web application
  • plenty options of station measuring designes
  • easy realignment and expansion with additional crossarm-sensor kits
  • based on datalogger N2N 3PL – digital SDI-12 communication protocol facilitates simple connection of sensors

modular 2

Crossarm-sensor kits

Crossarm 0.5 m with EMS36S in radiation shield
Crossarm 0.5 m with EMS36S and EMS11S in radiation shield
Crossarm 0.5 m with EMS36S and EMS12S in radiation shield
Crossarmm 0.5 m with Atmos 21
Crossarm 1 m with NR Lite2 with SDI-12 interface
Vertical pin 25 cm with EMS11S
Vertical pin 25 cm with EMS12S
Crossarm 1 m with Pronamic Pro with SDI-12 interface
Crossarm 0.5 m with solar panel 10 W
Crossarm 0.5 m with solar panel 20 W 

Datalogger and sensors

Modular station parts
  • datalogger GreyBox N2N 3PL collecting data in SDI-12 sensor network
  • three separately powered SDI-12 ports
  • ready for solar powering, internal lead acid battery
  • built-in GPRS modem
  • possibility to connect various SDI-12 sensors


E MS Station-xsolar
  • robust construction of crossarms and holders
  • design easy to handle and assemble
  • stable constuction with tripod or ground screw
  • mounting up to a total height of 12 m 

Cables and connectors

Super Seal connection- 2
  • easy connection of SDI-12 sensors with datalogger
  • connectors protection rating IP67 (when plugged)

Used sensors