Air T, RH and pressure sensor EMS 36S

Product Group: Sensors
  • manufactured bylogo small
  • small sensor for measurement of air temperature, humidity and pressure
  • calculates values of vapor pressure deficit, saturated vapor pressure, actual vapor pressure, dew point and water vapor density
  • replaceable measuring chip by customer – cheaper than recalibration
  • digital SDI-12 output
  • compatible with radiation shield Al060 and Al061


Output SDI-12 version 1.3
Temperature measuring range  –40 to 60 °C
Temperature accuracy 0.15 °C
Humidity measuring range 0 to 100%
Humidity accuracy ±2% RH
Pressure measuring range 300 to 1300 hPa
Pressure accuracy ±1 hPa
Size (diameter x length) 22 x 92 mm
Weight 26 g
Operating environment temperature  –40 to 60 °C
Operating environment humidity 0 to 100%

Easily repleaceable measuring chip

replace chip E MS 33
  • feasible directly on site
  • no interruption of measurement continuity
  • cheaper than recalibrations

Application with radiation

E MS  33 S H A L 061  2
  • prevents the sensor against heating from direct and reflected sunrays
  • shelters the sensor from adverse weather
  • allows adequate airflow to ventilate the sensor
  • compatible with radiation shield Al060 or Al061 with holder for pyranometer or PAR sensor

SDI-12 data output

  • asynchronous serial communications protocol for intelligent micro-processor based sensors
  • sensor typically takes a measurement, makes computations based on the raw sensor reading, and outputs the measured data in engineering units
  • allows connection of set of sensors serially on one cable line


documentdocument 2 Datasheet
documentdocument 2 Measuring chip replace notes