Main characteristics

Mini32 is more than just a software for datalogger maintenance and data downloading. It offers a wide range of data processing options. Extremely fast and comfortable visualization of data courses in any time period in two windows is just one important feature.

The program is graphically oriented, so the first what you see on the screen are variables ploted against time. Statistical and other advanced operations always regard to that part of data displayed on the screen.

Apart of common options the software package offers multiregression analysis up to twenty parameters, histograms of frequency distribution, drawing of vertical profiles etc., always easy accessible from the current graph.

Additional variables can be calculated with the help of built-in simple but efficient programming language, by differentiation, summation and min-max-average calculation. File chaining procedure connecting data downloaded during the season and mixing options putting together data from different systems is obviously supported, too.

Download: ppt Mini32 outline


Win XP/8/10
Mini32 ver. 10.02.13
Note: Installation also includes the firmware for all Sap Flow Meters, Midi12 and ModuLog dataloggers – contact us for exact identification of your hardware.