Mini 32 Mini32

  • graphically oriented software for fast and comfortable visualization and advanced processing of long time data series
  • wide range of data processing options – multiregression analysis up to twenty parameters, histograms of frequency distribution, drawing of vertical profiles etc.
  • includes the support of all EMS datalogging systems – configuration and data downloading
  • free for processing of EMS system compatible files

Download: ppt Mini32 outline

Mini32 for Win XP/8/10: Mini 32 small icon Mini32 ver. 10.02.17
Mini32 HELP installation file: Mini 32 H ELP small icon Mini32 HELP

Bulk convertor icon Bulk conversion

  • it converts, merges and mixes selected raw HEX files in one step
  • it converts EDP data files downloaded form EMScloud application
  • is a part of installation package Mini32

E MScloud Commander icon EMScloud Commander

  • software intended for routine work with data archived in the EMScloud application
  • it makes possible to download selected variables from different (for user allowed) localities and mix them to one file
  • offers file structure templates to be saved
  • is a part of installation package Mini32

E MSimport icon EMSImport

  • software intended for import of data from another formats (CSV, TXT, XLS or XLSX) to DCV file editable in Mini32
  • is a part of installation package Mini32. Paid software.

Download: E MSimport small icon EMS Import – trial version