Band dendrometer for large trees EMS DRS26

Product Group: Sensors
  • manufactured bylogo small
  • digital sensor for accurate monitoring of the tree trunk circumference increment
  • no upper limit in stem diameter
  • non invasive fixing
  • digital SDI-12 output
  • low maintenance and easy installation
  • increment range 64 mm
  • resolution less than micrometer


Output SDI-12 version 1.3
Circumference increment measuring range 64 mm
Linearity 1 % of full scale
Resolution 1μm
Internal temperature accuracy ± 0.2 °C
Protection rating IP68
Weight 350 g
Operating environment temperature  –40 to 60 °C
Operating environment humidity 0 to 100%

Non invasive fixing by tape

D RL 26 C non-invasive fixing
  • no effect on tree growth
  • integrated value for whole radial profile in measured height
  • almost identical thermal expansion of wood and stainless steel

Precise increment records

Dendrometer data
  • efficient tool for field measurement
  • comprises information about growth, water stress and freezing up of the trunk
  • low maintenance and energy requirements compared to sophisticated measuring systems such as sap flow for instance
  • together with soil water potential measurement it gives realistic picture of drought stress and the tree response to it

SDI-12 data output

  • asynchronous serial communications protocol for intelligent micro-processor based sensors
  • sensor typically takes a measurement, makes computations based on the raw sensor reading, and outputs the measured data in engineering units
  • allows connection of set of sensors serially on one cable line

Measure trees with different diameter by simple changing the base plate

Increment sensor Dendrometer Base plateE MS  2020  10 D RL 26 C- 26D R 26  40mm


documentdocument 2 Datasheet
documentdocument 2 Installation manual
documentdocument 2 Upgrade for small diameters

Dendrometer Installation

Compatible with dataloggers: