• manufactured bylogo small
  • multi-purpose datalogger with digital, voltage and pulse input (number of channels depends to RB type)
  • modular concept for DIN rail mounting
  • up to 64 voltage inputs and 8 counters
  • digital SDI-12 input
  • additional modules available: modem, memory expander, LAN interface, power controlling unit with solar charger
  • Mini32 software support


Number of voltage channels 16, 32 or 64 (according to RB type)
Number of counters 4 or 8 (according to RB type)
Digital input SDI-12 ver. 1.3
Internal memory size 512 kB (optionally 1024 kB)
Measuring interval 20 sec to 4 hrs
Power supply 6.5 to 16 Volts
Protection enclosure IP65 optionally on demand
Operating environment temperature  –40 to 60 °C

RailBox RB types

Voltage channels Pulse channels RTD PtXXXX channels SDI-12 input
RB16 16  YES
RB16P4 16  16  YES
RB16P8 16  32  YES
RB32 32  YES
RB32P4 32  16  YES
RB32P8 32  32  YES
RB64 64  YES
RB64P4 64  16  YES
RB64P8 64  32  YES

Mounting in enclosure IP66

R B outdoor- 7  200px
  • protects the datalogger and other equippment against dust, water, sunlight or pollutants
  • different sizes of enclosure according to the equipment to be installed
  • prepared wiring of all system components
  • connectors outside the enclosure for easy use

Mini32 software

Mini 32 P C app
  • graphically oriented software intended for work with long time series
  • fast calculation of hourly, daily, montly values
  • fast brief statistics
  • built-in efficient commands for summation and min-max-average calculation


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