GreyBox GSM FF0

Grey Box G SM F F 0
  • version equipped with air temperature and humidity sensor, two soil water content sensors and two fuel moisture sensors
  • built-in GPRS modem
  • intended for long-term monitoring in harsh environment
  • low maintenance, easy installation and set-up
  • large logging capacity
  • Mini32 software support


Air temperature and humidity sensor EMS33S
Soil water content sensors CS616
Fuel moisture sensors CS506
Internal memory size 512 kB
Modem activity each 2, 4, 8 or 12 hrs in daily cycles
Measuring interval 1 min to 4 hrs
Power supply SAFT LSH20 (with connector MRT9-2); 3.6 V; 13 Ah
Protection rating IP66
Operating environment temperature  –40 to 60 °C
Operating environment humidity 0 to 100%

Mini32 software

Mini 32 P C app
  • graphically oriented software intended for work with long time series
  • fast calculation of hourly, daily, montly values
  • fast brief statistics
  • built-in efficient commands for summation and min-max-average calculation


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