• manufactured bylogo small
  • small datalogger Minikin RTHi with built-in sensors for air temperature, humidity and global radiation
  • sensor in radiation shield, attached on 2m supporting pin with anchoring
  • intended for long-term monitoring
  • glass optics
  • low maintenance, easy installation and set-up
  • powered by long-lasting battery
  • large logging capacity
  • infrared wireless data access
  • Mini32 software support


Measuring intervals 3 sec to 4 hrs
Memory capacity with measuring interval 1 hour ca 4 years
Battery life with measuring interval 1 hour ca 4 years
Temperature accuracy ± 0.15 °C
Rdaiation accuracy ± 5 %
Relative humidity accuracy ± 2 % RH
Size (diameter x length) 120 x 200 mm
Weight 685 g
Operating temperature  –40 to 60 °C
Operating humidity 0 to 100%

Potential evapo-transpiration

  • amount of evaporation that would occur if a sufficient water source were available
  • for complete PET information add wind speed and soil heat flux sensors

Glass optics

Minikin R THi radiation sensor detail crop
  • more stable than plastic optics
  • less frequent calibration requirements

Application with radiation shield

Minikin R THi in radiation shield
  • prevents direct and reflected sunrays from heating the sensor
  • shelters the sensor from adverse weather
  • allows adequate airflow to ventilate the sensor

Mounted on 2 m supporting pin with anchoring

Supporting pin

Mini32 software

Mini 32 overview
  • graphically oriented software intended for work with long time series
  • fast calculation of hourly, daily, montly values
  • fast brief statistics
  • built-in efficient commands for summation and min-max-average calculation


documentdocument 2 Datasheet
documentdocument 2 Battery replacement instructions


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