• manufactured bylogo small
  • device with air and soil temperature sensor transmitting data to internet via SigFox network
  • stick-in supporting pin with built-in temperature sensor on the bottom end (anchor tip)
  • intended for long-term monitoring
  • 20-minutes time resolution
  • powered by long lasting Lithium-ion battery
  • low maintenance and easy installation
  • data visualization, archiving and downloading fully supported by EMScloud Internet application
  • Mini32 software support
  • Check sigfox


Temperature measuring interval 20 min
Sending interval 60 min
Air temperature range –40 to 60 °C
Soil temperature range –20 to 80 °C
Temperature resolution ± 0.15 °C
Battery lifetime more than 2 years
Protection rating IP68
Operating temperature  –40 to 60 °C (soil temperature probe – 40 to 80 °C)
Operating humidity 0 to 100%

Online communication

Sigfox icon
  • data transmition performed via Sigfox protokol

Online data visualization on EMScloud website

  • measured values clearly displayed in graphs
  • online value agregation and integration
  • alerts about failures and unexpected events
  • view all data in web browsers on different devices
  • fast download in several formats

Mini32 software

Mini 32 P C app
  • graphically oriented software intended for work with long time series
  • fast calculation of hourly, daily, montly values
  • fast brief statistics
  • built-in efficient commands for summation and min-max-average calculation


documentdocument 2 Datasheet
documentdocument 2 Transmitter battery replacement instructions