Rotary position sensor Step-less reading No upper limit in stem diameter Built-in datalogger IR data access Optional internal temperature logging Manufactured by EMS

Logging sensor for long term accurate monitoring of the tree trunk diameter changes in stems larger than 8 cm in diameter.

  • Step-less reading
  • Non invasive fixing
  • Increment range 65 mm
  • Memory and battery capacity up to 5 years
Note: Stem increment measurement is quite efficient tool for field measurement. It comprises information of growth, water stress and freezing up of the trunk. From technical point of view it does not require maintenance and the energy consumption is negligible in comparison with sophisticated measuring systems like sap flow for instance. Together with the measurement of soil water potential it gives realistic picture of drought stress and the tree response to it:

d R soil
Response of stem diameter to the soil water shortage.

For more info:
Download: pdf Data sheet
Download: pdf User’s manual

Necessary accessories:

  • Stainless tape ST20 (20m)
  • IrDA/USB data cable