Our favorite wind sensors we offered recently were mainly MetOne products. The main reason for using those mechanical sensors was price and negligible power consumption, important in remote sites without electricity and there where the solar panels were too attractive for strangers.

Yet, the situation has changed with new generation of relatively cheap ultrasonic anemometers with low power consumption. There are two instruments we found as suitable replacement of mechanical anemometers

  • Gill WindSonic sensoris a sensor used for the long time with nearly 100% reliability. It is available with various analog and digital outputs. The version with RS232 signal output has quite competitive price.
  • Decagon DS-2 is good choice for standard meteostation thanks to good price and low power consumption.
    For older measuring systems we offer an interface which makes possible to connect DS-2 sensors to the same datalogger inputs in the same configuration originally used for mechanical sensors.