Soil water potential is directly related to plant water availability and therefore it is preferred in plant physiology before the measurement of soil moisture.

There are three sensor types we offer:

Watermark sensors for the range up to – 0.2 MPa
Delmhorst Gypsum Block GB-1 and GB-2 for the range up tp – 1.5 MPa
Both sensors are based on the measurement or resistance between electrodes in a porous media with AC signal.
Connection to datalogegrs with d.c. voltage inputs needs a special interface in order to get reliable results. From our production, the small datalogger MicroLog SP3 is designed for the measurement with this type of sensors.

Decagon MPS-6 and MPS-2
belong to different category of sensors. These sensors measure the volumetric water content of a porous media with well known relation between water content and matrix water potential. The water content of a ceramic disc is measured similarly as by soil moisture probes based on electromagnetic principle and the soil water potential is calculated in terms of water potential.