Different sensor combinations Infrared wireless data access High accuracy Non-volatile memory, typically 60,000 readings Watertight sturdy design Long lasting (Li-ion) battery Advanced Windows® software

Measurement of temperature, air humidity, global and photosynthetically active radiation in various combinations. Watertight enclosure. Infrared data access

Typical battery life four years, memory capacity one year at least.

Available models:

Minikin Tie
temperature; 20mm diameter, white or black plastic or stainless case
immersible up to 20m
Minikin THi
temperature and (air) humidity; 30mm diameter, stainless case
Minikin RTi/QTi
global radiation/PAR and temperature; 30mm diameter, stainless case, glass optics!
immersible up to 10m
Minikin RTHi/QTHi
global/PAR radiation (glass optics!), temperature and (air) humidity; built in aluminum radiation shield, powder coated.
This triple sensor combined with independent rain gauge set makes a small meteostation suitable for calculation of potential evapotranspiration and annual water balance. This kit collects 30-minutes data for two years and it is easy movable to another place.

For more info: jiri.kucera@emsbrno.cz
Download: pdf Data sheet
Download: pdf User’s manual

Necessary accessories:

  • IrDA/USB data cable