micro Log V 3 A icon

MicroLog V3A

Small watertight datalogger designed for three sensors with voltage output signal, suitable for harsh environment (typically soil moisture sensors).

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minikin V 1i icon

Minikin V1i

One channel datalogger designed for the independent measurement of voltage signals.

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minikin Pi icon

Minikin Pi

Small watertight datalogger intended for the measurement with position sensors with potentiometers. Most often used for registering dendrometers.

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minikin ERi icon

Minikin ERi

Event recorder – this datalogger registers the exact time of pulse occurrence. It suits mainly to tipping bucket or tipping spoon rain gauges.

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edge Box V 12 icon

EdgeBox V12

Battery operated equipment for automatic data recording in both field and laboratory applications. The logger is made for easy installation in any enclosure with DIN-rail holders.

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rail Box RB icon

RailBox RB

RailBox datalogger line is the modular universal data acquisition system intended for most of application in environmental measurement.

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