There are plenty of sensors on the market differing in quality, mainly in terms of long-term stability and durability. After frustrating experiences with competitive products we decided to make a substantial upgrade of our old line EMS33. Our sensor EMS33H , based on Honeywell sensing elements is predestinated for long term measurement in standard meteostations. The sensing part of the probe can be easily replaced directly in the field instead of recalibration, for the price lower that any calibration costs.

For more info:
Download: pdf EMS33H

For an extra accurate gradient measurement we offer
  • EMS33R sensors based on Rotronic HygroClip 2 probe
or Vaisala probes

Soil temperature sensor

  • Pt100 (1000) /8
    A-class platinum RTD watertight sensor. Manufactured since 1995. Long term experience with measurement in water and in muddy soils..